Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cereal Commercial Storyboards

These are some storyboards I did for storyboarding class. It's a 30 second commercial for an all bran and marshmallows cereal I named Branmallow. The mascot for the cereal is a humanoid bran flake named Branmaster Bill when he is working (doing commercials and helping people) and Bill Branson when he's not (at home, at the store, etc.) Bill has the power to create marshmallows and teleport from room to room. He is almost always very intense and sometimes his sentences are broken by his own deranged cackles. Bill goes from house to house saving people from boring breakfast by adding marshmallows. The way he does this might seem somewhat scary, but people love him. Before Bill blasts their cereal he always says is signature catchphrase, "You can eat that with MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!!!!"

Here are some color tests done by Nick Bachman.